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My firm owns and manages multi-tenant real estate properties in the Chicago area. This difficult task often requires help from outside counsel for advice on relationships with tenants, local government, financial institutions, and contractors. When confronted with a myriad of problems in our newly constructed multi-tenant strip mall in the Ashburn neighborhood of Chicago?s Southwest Side, we retained Madison Group as outside counsel. Mr. Sabih Quadeer, quickly became acquainted with our situation and advocated on our behalf with zeal.

In one instance, a tenant exercised an opt-out clause, but refused to pay stipulated base rent in the final three months of the lease. Numerous efforts at contacting the tenant went unheeded. Mr. Quadeer then wrote a logical, thoughtful letter referencing the lease and demanding payment in full. He also followed up with phone calls and visits. Shortly thereafter, we received the base rent with relevant late fees.

This positive experience led us to retain Mr. Quadeer again when a sub-leased tenant defaulted. The lease guarantor refused to compensate my firm for lost rent and we were left with little recourse except litigation. Mr. Quadeer assumed all contact with the lease guarantor. The lease guarantor then offered a substitute tenant to avoid litigation. Mr. Quadeer managed a background check of this prospective tenant and demonstrated that it lacked creditworthiness and was likely to result in another default. Mr. Quadeer managed all aspects of the litigation, including discovery, continuances, motion for summary judgment, and evidence collection. Mr. Quadeer?s strong advocacy on our behalf calmed the tension my firm felt and allowed us to focus further on our core business.

In short, Mr. Quadeer would be a valuable, experienced, and responsive attorney to any client and my firm offers its highest unreserved recommendation.